4/13/2022 Records, Continued

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I'm continuing to listen to the records at that auction. There's tons I have left. Here we go.

MCCRAVY BROTHERS - VICTOR V-40312 Keep In The Middle Of The Road / The Dollar And The Devil Could not find any recordings with this act name.

MCCRAVY BROTHERS - VICTOR V-40180 Sweet Marie / My Old Rose Could not find any recordings with this act name.

FRANK AND JAMES MCCRAVY - VICTOR 20869 These Bones G'wina Rise Again / Six Feet Of Earth WOWIE, the track I listened to is sappy. Sappy accompaniment with sappy violin, sappy, sappy, singing. Not my aesthetic. But at least I found something from the McCravys!

RODEO TRIO - VICTOR V-40136 Arkansas Traveler / Turkey In The Straw Although every hillbilly musician under the sun recorded Arkansas Traveler and Turkey In The Straw (this isn't even the only record IN THIS AUCTION that has bands with BOTH on a single record), Arkansas Traveler is an enjoyably, charming, lively edition with guitar backing fiddle and harmonica (the adroit harmonica especially makes this fun). Turkey In The Straw starts weakly until harmonica comes in. Seriously, that harpist is doing so much to add to the breadth and personality of this music. Halfway through, we are also treated to jaw harp, though the loss of harmonica does drop the intensity.

PEG MORELAND VICTOR V-40008 Stay In The Wagon Yard / The Old Step Stone Stay In The Wagon Yard definitely has charm. The guitar accompaniment and his voice both pull you in through skill, personality, and bounce. I really like this. The Old Step Stone has less bounce. It's pleasant, though I wouldn't buy a record specifically for it. Material is from 1928.

JACK CAWLEY'S OKLAHOMA RIDGE RUNNERS VICTOR 23521 The Dawn Waltz / White River Stomp There's a bit of an off-kilter heavy plod feel to White River Stomp that's fun. And the cello is definitely unexpected. The Dawn Waltz is even more off. The cello hits hard beneath a scratchy, abrasive, octave-careening fiddle. People with modern ears would outright call the number "bad," but personally, I wouldn't call it unlistenable.

IRENE FREDERICK - AL MASON VICTOR 20965 The Missouri Waltz / Three O'Clock In The Morning - Waltz Could not find recordings.

HENRY WHITTER VICTOR 20878 Henry Whitter's Fox Chase / Rain Crow Bill Totally know about this specific record! I've never cared to listen to the harmonica piece Fox Chase, though I do respect the piece, especially when DeFord Bailey does it. This recording feels like it's repetitive and long, as I often feel when I sit through an entire Fox Chase. Not for me. XD Rain Crow Bill is another harmonica number. Straight harmonica numbers aren't my thing, though the musicality is fine. The author of the book I'm reading isn't complimentary of Henry Whitter's musicality and I think the author's too harsh.

BLUE RIDGE CORN SHUCKERS - VICTOR 20835 Old Time Corn Shuckin' - Part 1 / Old Time Corn Shuckin' - Part 2 I have these recordings digitally already! This record is from the Bristol Sessions. I don't need to talk and reflect about this here.

KIM AND NYLAND - VICTOR 20868 The Old Account Settled Long Ago / It Was For Me Very much not my aesthetic.

JUDGE STURDY'S ORCHESTRA - VICTOR 20102 Old Dan Tucker - Country Dance / Hiram's Valley - Quadrille Scratchy, upbeat songs with informal, loud square dance instructions throughout.

JUDGE STURDY'S ORCHESTRA - VICTOR 20530 One Snowy Night - Quadrille / Moselle - QuadrilleAs the same as last record.

MELLIE DUNHAM AND HIS ORCHESTRA - VICTOR 18840 Lady Of The Lake / Mountain Rangers Dance music with call instructions. Mountain Rangers is in 6/8 and more stately than what I heard of the four Judge Sturdy's sides. But they're still pretty similar.

GEORGE RENEAU - VOCALION 14998 Wild Bill Jones / The Letter Edged In Black Pretty standard hillbilly guitar + vocalist sound. I know he's in a future chapter in the book I'm reading, though. Reading between YouTube comments and Wikipedia (the best sources, I know), although Reneau was listed as a solo artist, recordings like Wild Bill Jones had vaudeville performer and Tin Pan Alley composer Gene Austin singing, uncredited, instead. And Gene Austin would turn into one of America's first crooners and very successful. Hm. This is very non-croony. XD

GEORGE RENEAU - VOCALION 14991 The Prisoner's Song / The Lightning Express Has some harmonica on top of his guitar playing before the singing starts. Pretty standard affair. Like the other George Reneau stuff here, doesn't pull me in.

GEORGE RENEAU - VOCALION 14896 Smoky Mountain Blues / Red Wing Oh gosh Red Wing is *THAT* melody. That's every fuggin' ice cream truck that I've heard in my life in this area. (I know other areas have Turkey in the Straw, etc.), but for everywhere I've lived, IT IS RED WING.) Gosh. No. I'm about to go to bed. I don't want the over-happy ice cream truck ditty stuck in my head. NoOoOoOoOoOoOoooooo.

HOWARD HANEY - VOCALION 5203 The Wandering Boy / The Dying Boy's Message There's a few selections for Haney on YouTube, but not these tracks. Bummer. I like The Wandering Boy and would have loved to use it to get THE ICE CREAM TRUCK SONG out of my head before I try sleeping.

POP HANKS AND HIS BOYS - VELVET TONE 1866-V Arkansas Traveler / Turkey In The Straw Remember what I said at the start about some records having both Arkansas Traveler and Turkey In The Straw? Here we go. Although here, Pop Hanks is including dance calls. The music playing, like the other dance call records this round, hasn't distinguished itself, either.

FIDDLIN' JOE - PERFECT 11242 The Arkansaw Traveller / Turkey In The Straw See??? But I couldn't find audio for this artist.